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Home Automation

Automate your life with smart home devices
Switch devices on and off right from the HomeControlHUB dashboard or the dedicated Automation page.

In addition to the manual on/off control the smart home devices can be activated on a calendar schedule set up either by the security
professional or the end user; this could be to turn individual devices on and off at specific times or days for example bringing on a lamp in the
evening to make the home more welcoming as the occupier returns.

Scenes can also be created to perform a collection of tasks together creating a single control resulting in a group of actions such as switching off all of the downstairs lighting when the user goes to bed.

Visual & Audible Deterrent

Our wired bell boxes are a fully backlit external sounders that, when an alarm occurs will create an effective visual alarm on your property, as well as produce a distinctive audible warning.

Life Saving Devices

We can protect you, your family and your home from all types of fire and carbon monoxide gas leaks through our range of safety sensors.

Panic buttons can be set up in case of medical issues or emergencies, and our detectors can be programmed to alert you if an elderly relative
has not moved about their property for a pre-determined amount of time, promoting independent living.
Vehicle Protection

Protect what’s on your drive as well as what’s in your property

The CarDefender can be set up to protect cars, vans, caravans and any other movable vehicles whilst it is parked at your home, ensuring you’re notified via our smartphone app if anything untoward happens.

Supplied and Installed
from £499.99