Home Security – Car/Bike Defender



Our car defender device works in conjunction with our intruder alarms, the CarDefender straps to your steering wheel. When you return home, simply clip it to your steering wheel then use the app to set the device.

Should someone enter your vehicle and attempt to unclip the device or move the steering wheel it will activate your home alarm system.

This device is also really good for caravans, or things like bikes, and lawn mowers that you might leave in a shed or garage.

The device comes with a specially designed, brightly-coloured silicone rubber mount, allowing users to strap it to a vehicle’s steering wheel for reliability and visual deterrence. Alternatively, the device can be secured with by fixing it with a sticky pad for a wide variety of use cases.

This device does require one of our intruder alarm systems to operate, and you can have multiple units for all your vehicles, or other valuables such as bikes, lawn mowers, and much more.

This item is an addition to our home security package.

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